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The Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) has been an ARRL affiliated club since 1989. We have long supported ARES/RACES in EWA. This group has long been interested and supported Digital interests. EWARG has many members that do extensive RTTY contesting.  What once was a very extensive digital system reaching from Boise, Idaho through Baker City, Oregon, and into Walla Walla, Pasco, Yakima, Ellensburg, and Spokane, Washington now is more limited.  The oldest Packet Cluster (tm) in the Northwest was started by EWARG members.

Ewarg is now running remote systems.  We currently have one HF remote site and will be adding some VHF capability to that system after pouring some more concrete.  It also looks like an additional capability will also soon be on line.  That will include 6 meter, 2 meter, and 440 SSB capability.   This is being put together by the Belchfire team and EWARG club members.

The remote systems are the 2013 project(s) of the Belchfire team.  N2HS remote is going to be a Belchfire Yagi for 6 meters and a stack of 144 and 440 yagi's for SSB use.  The IC-7000 will be the radio of choice.   Hopefully this will be finished up within the month.

Chen W7AY on using a Hal ST-8000 as a regenerator.  ST-8000 Regenerator  and ST-8000 DIP switches These are RTF documents.

BelchFire a technical project by Lynn N2HS, Wayne WA1PMA, Jay WS7I.  BelchFire

KC7AAD who is the EWARG tech will be working on our systems. See EWARG Systems (Updated July 11, 2013)

EWARG and other nodes links.  VHF NODES LIST

EWARG offers ForSale and Wanted listings for its members.

For Sale at EWARG.  EWARG Sale

EWARG Contest Map EWARG 175 Mile Contest Map

EWARG radio systems.  144.930 Lookout Mountain NW of Spokane.  SPO: KC7AAD-2. This node is linked to ARESGW: K7PKT-2; Todd offers RMS and DXSpider. WS7I-9 GEGLAN is on 145.530 with RMS. K7TJ-1 DXSpider is on 145.53 as well as the internet. k7tj.ewarg.org port 7300.

WS7I again checking for CQ's WAZ awards.  See CQWAZ

EWARG  hosts RJCDROMS for K7WM. RTTY Journal CD's

How to work a RTTY DX pileup by W6/G0AZT. G0AZT DX PileUP

Ewarg member page links. EWARG MEMBER Pages


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